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Alphabet takes further important step on the Road to Sustainability

Alphabet takes further important step on the Road to Sustainability


MUNICH 13/06/2022 – With its “Road to Sustainbility”, Alphabet has long been paving the way for companies to improve their emissions through its holistic range of digital, flexible and CO2-optimised solutions. But it also demonstrates its own ecological commitment: The internal processes are also aligned accordingly – Alphabet is now ISO 14001 certified.

The sustainable approach to mobility is more than just a hygiene factor for companies, it plays a pivotal role in their competitiveness and the overall environmental, social and governance efforts. Alphabet has been advising and supporting customers in electrification since 2013 with AlphaElectric, a modular set of services and tailored solutions. In addition to this, Alphabet has opened up a new business segment with its continuously growing consulting services and the “Road to Sustainability” in the past two years. The Alphabet experts provide individual advice and support in the creation of suitable concepts to combine sustainability and economic efficiency.

“We are here for our customers along the whole way from first consultation to implementation of alternative mobility options,” says Markus Deusing, CEO Alphabet International.

“The ISO certification is a great opportunity for us to not only document our expertise on the matter but also our internal environmental efforts and measure up to international standards. It shows our customers and potential customers that they can trust us with their own green efforts.”

Last week, Alphabet International as well as Alphabet Germany has received the ISO 14001 certification by the independent expert organisation DEKRA. This is a globally recognised standard for environmental management systems. The certification covers all aspects of a company’s continuous improvement of environmental performance and proves the active commitment. Applicants undergo a comprehensive analysis and examination of the efficient use of their resources as well as the actions they take to protect the environment. Prerequisites for certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 are, among other things, a company's environmental policy, defined goals within the framework of an environmental programme and a procedure for internal auditing according to environmental criteria.